New Kyrgyz Passport Required for Travel to the U.S.

As the Embassy of the United States of America in Bishkek had previously forewarned, the Government of the United States announced today, March 14, 2005, that it no longer recognizes the old version of the Kyrgyz passport as a valid travel document to enter the United States.  Any Kyrgyz citizen planning to travel to the United States must possess the new secure version of the Kyrgyz passport.  U.S. visas previously placed in old passports may still be used to enter the United States but must be accompanied by the old passport as well as the new secure Kyrgyz passport.  Such visas are valid until the indicated date of expiration.

The Embassy continues to work with the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic to further develop and make available to its citizens a new, more secure international passport.  To date, over 700 Kyrgyz citizens have received their new passports.  Applications for the new passport are now being accepted throughout the Kyrgyz Republic.  The new passport aims to decrease the possibility of counterfeiting and will consequently make travel easier and more secure for Kyrgyz citizens.

The new Kyrgyz passport demonstrates again Kyrgyzstan’s commitment to ensure the integrity of its travel documents and support for the global war against terrorism.  This secure passport includes world-standard security features to thwart those who would attempt to falsify this travel document.

The U.S. Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic expresses its readiness to assist travelers and answer questions about travel to the United States.  Callers should dial the Embassy’s telephone number at +996 312 597000 and ask for the Consular Section.