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USG Alumni Small Grants Program

About the Program

American Councils in the Kyrgyz Republic is the implementing partner for the U.S. Embassy funded Alumni Small Grants Program.  Alumni of U.S. government educational and exchange programs are eligible, and encouraged, to apply to participate in the Small Grants Program. The program provides funding up to $5,000 to alumni to implement innovative, small-scale alumni projects that address various themes.  These projects are intended to encourage networking among alumni of various U.S. government programs, strengthen local communities, and promote the positive relationship between the United States and the Kyrgyz Republic.

Application Process

The call for applications will occur twice a year, once in the summer for fall and once in the winter for spring.

The projects’ topics and requirements vary each year, for more information please visit: https://kyrgyzstan.americancouncils.org/small-alumni-grants and Facebook page about initiatives of Alumni in the Kyrgyz Republic  https://www.facebook.com/Kyrgyzstan.usexchangealumni/

Eligibility Information

In order to participate in this program, alumni:

  • must be citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, residing in the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • must have studied or participated in a U.S. government-sponsored educational or professional exchange program;
  • must conduct a project that furthers the program’s goals; and,
  • must submit an online application and supporting documents.

Grant Proposals

Grant proposals must:

  • Clearly address one of the two themes for the 2023 Spring USG Alumni Small Grants Program:
  • Inclusivity: projects that promote universal human rights, and/or provide educational and economic opportunities for people with disabilities and people from marginalized communities.
  • Sustainable development: projects that promote environmental consciousness, and/or help develop or promote clean energy solutions.
  • Demonstrate how participating alumni will use their exchange experience to address a current challenge/issue in Kyrgyzstan;
  • Include a theory of change;
  • Include a budget that is no more than USD $5,000;
  • Include a project timeline between February 1 and July31, 2023 (project duration between one – six months);
  • Specify how the project impact will be monitored and evaluated; and;
  • Include a clear publicity plan to highlight project progress and successes.


Priority consideration will be given to proposals which:

  • Engage rural communities;
  • Promote volunteerism and/or public service with the support and participation of exchange program alumni;
  • Collaborate with other USG alumni or alumni from different programs to implement the grant; and/or
  • Share with a wider community the knowledge or skills gained in the exchange program or training.


  • Applications which do not address at least one of the key themes will be disqualified.
  • The requested funds cannot be used for any humanitarian assistance (distribution of food, household items, medical items);


Recipients of the grant must:

  • Submit a final written narrative report summarizing project activities and outcomes no more than two weeks after the end of all project activities;
  • Submit a final financial report detailing all expenses incurred in the implementation of the project no more than two weeks after the end of the project;
  • In addition to final narrative and financial reports, project results must also be presented in photographic and/or video format for publication on the U.S. Embassy Bishkek website and social media pages.

Branding Requirements

All materials produced pursuant to the award (training, press, event materials, posters, videos, articles) must be marked appropriately with the standard rectangular U.S. flag and American Councils’ logo.

In-person Project Design Workshop in Bishkek and Osh

We invite USG alumni to attend the in-person Project Design Workshop in Bishkek and Osh. The workshop will guide you step-by-step on how to develop a project proposal based on your project idea. All participants will leave the workshop with a draft USG Alumni Small Grants project proposal.

This is a great opportunity to devote a full day to focus on your project proposal.

Registration deadline: 17:00, December 12

December 17, 09:30-16:30
Registration: link   
Venue: TBD

December 18, 09:30-16:30
Registration: link 
Venue: TBD

Program Contact

Aikanysh Sydykova 
Tel: +996555050848
Email: asydykova@americancouncils.org


Gulnaza Khalmanbetova
Tel: +996550950432; +996312910989
Email: gkhalmanbetova@americancouncils.org