USAID Partners with Naryn to Improve Health

Bishkek – On October 14, 2016, The United States through USAID in partnership with the Ministry of Health, Naryn State Administration, the Naryn Mayor’s Office, the town of Kok Jangak and local family medical centers, organized a youth run and concert to celebrate the Global Handwashing Day and World Food Day. Both events highlighted the important roles good hand washing practices and nutritious diet play in supporting a healthy life.

Malnutrition and anemia are important health issues in the Kyrgyz Republic, especially among children and women. Nearly one in every five children is stunted (too short for their age) and every two in five children suffer from anemia.

USAID’s Strengthening Partnerships, Results, and Innovations in Nutrition Globally (SPRING) project is addressing the challenge of malnutrition by educating communities, training health workers, and conducting community outreach to promote good nutrition, hand washing, and safe food preservation and storage.

“My one-year daughter Aitunuk was often ill and did not sleep well at night. Thanks to the USAID SPRING, I changed my family’s diet, which resulted in improved health for my daughter. Now I pay more attention to my family’s eating habits and actively try to ensure diet diversity”, says Jazgul Akhunova, a mother of four kids from Naryn town.

USAID SPRING is a five-year project that improves maternal and child nutrition, prevents stunting, and reduces anemia for women and children. USAID SPRING, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, and UNICEF, supports nutrition best practices and policies in the Kyrgyz Republic.