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USAID Funded Expansion of Garlic Producer in Jalal-Abad to Boost Exports and Create Jobs
September 10, 2021

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) supported the expansion of a garlic processing facility in Bazar Korgon district of Jalal-Abad oblast, which is expected to create dozens of new full time jobs and increase agricultural exports to neighboring Uzbekistan. Through USAID’s Agro Trade project, the facility, led by Ms. Zhanylai Kaparova, received an automated processing line that will help dry, slice and package wild garlic.

The new equipment is expected to almost triple the production capacity of the facility from 30 to 80 tons of dried garlic per season. As a result of the facility’s increased production efficiency, Ms. Kaparova plans to export more garlic to neighboring Uzbekistan. This increase in production capacity will also benefit local farmers who can meet the increased demand for garlic. Previously, Ms. Kaparova sourced garlic from around 15 local farmers. Next year, however, she plans to work with 220 additional farmers.

“I hope that we can also hire more people at our facility. Currently, 10 people are working at the facility full time. As the new equipment starts working, we will hire an additional 60 people,” says Ms. Kaparova.

Wild garlic is a rainfed plant that doesn’t require much additional inputs from the farmer, which makes it possible for farmers to earn profits from previously underutilized lands in a rural mountainous area. Ms. Kaparova helps to train local farmers who are interested in working with her to grow wild garlic so that their produce meets industry standards.

“We’re happy that supporting such facilities has a positive impact on many aspects of agriculture in the Kyrygz Republic: individual farmers, cultivation of new lands, trade and export, generating new jobs. Ultimately, it’s about creating opportunities to earn income and improving lives” says Josh Templeton, director of USAID’s economic development office.

The USAID Kyrgyz Republic Agro Trade Project works to increase jobs and incomes in Kyrgyzstan by enhancing the competitiveness of Kyrgyz agricultural businesses and expanding trade opportunities with Uzbekistan.

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