U.S. and Kyrgyzstani Experts Share Experience in Combatting New Illicit Drugs

On April 4-5, experts from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) shared their experiences in intercepting synthetic drugs and the challenges investigating and prosecuting criminals who sell them.

Synthetic drugs, also known as “spice,” are a growing phenomenon across the world, and users show many of the same classic symptoms as hardcore drug users.  Last year, the Kyrgyz Republic banned an additional 85 types of “spice” drugs, but every day the list of illicit drugs grows, as the producers of these drugs find new ways to evade the law by creating new chemical workarounds.

Investigators, prosecutors, treatment specialists, and laboratory specialists from the State Service on Drug Control, the Ministr y of the Interior, and the State Forensics Lab  enriched the discussion by adding their own insights.  All of them play a vital role in identifying the appearance of new substances, prosecuting offenders, and treating those who use drugs.

The United Nations Office of Drugs and Narcotics (UNODC) organized the event.

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