English Access Microscholarship Program Opening Ceremony in Novo Pokrovka

Chui Oblast Library hеld opening ceremony of English Access Microscholarship Program for 30 children from Novo Pokrovka’s “Altyn Uya” Mercy House on October 30, 2014. Cultural Affairs Officer Ray Nayler delivered certificates of award to 30 first class of English Access Microscholarship students for their successful acceptance into the intensive, two-year program. Ten Access alumni who ... Read More»

Embassy Celebrates Martin Luther King Day at American Corners around the Country

Ambassador Spratlen spoke at the headline event in Bishkek, and presented prizes to the winners of the joint PAS/Radio Azattyk essay and speech contest commemorating the 50th anniversary of the “I Have a Dream” speech. The winner of the speech contest in English, Nikita Menshov, delivered an excerpt of Dr. King’s speech, which brought the ... Read More»
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