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“Save Lives. Share facts about drugs”
June 7, 2022


On Friday, June 24, at 18:00 in Yntymak 2 Park amphitheater, Bishkek, the Republican Center for Psychiatry and Narcology (RCPN), that receives support from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), will hold an awareness event in recognition of International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.  The event will bring attention to the problems associated with drug use; inform the community about the negative impact of psychoactive substances and the possibility of preventing their use among young people; and provide information about harm reduction programs and opioid substitution therapy (OST).

This event will feature a variety of interactive events including a discussion panel involving  popular bloggers such as Azamat Ismailov, Aziret Ocmonov, and Askar Almazov, a standup comedy performance by Nursultan Aidarov, and a flash mob by VIBE Dance to directly engage and inform the public about drug use and how individuals can access effective, patient-friendly interventions.

“We believe that these community-based events help to reduce stigma and raise awareness about drug-use as well as connect people to appropriate, evidence-based harm-reduction and health services”, states Dr. Patrick Nadol, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the Kyrgyz Republic.

This event is part of month-long campaign by RCPN called “Save Lives. Share facts about drugs.” The campaign draws on data from the 2021 World Drug Report to combat misinformation and promote the exchange of facts about drugs – from health risks and solutions to combating the global problem of drug use among the population, especially among young people. As part of the information campaign, 20 central bus stops in Bishkek will feature campaign posters. RCPN is also hosting free and anonymous “open-days” throughout June for individuals seeking counseling from a trained narcologist.