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Medical Assistance

Please note:

The Department of State assumes no responsibility or liability for the professional ability or reputation of, or the quality of services provided by, the entities or individuals whose names appear on the following lists. Inclusion on this list is in no way an endorsement by the Department or the U.S. government. Names are listed alphabetically, and the order in which they appear has no other significance. The information on the list is provided directly by the local service providers; the Department is not in a position to vouch for such information.


Updated March 2022


Modern, American style health care is not available in Kyrgyzstan. The health care system is based on the Soviet style of health care which can seem very different in comparison to Western countries. Generally medical personnel are knowledgeable, but the system lacks the modern health care technology available in the U.S. There are very limited numbers of medical staff who speak English or who were trained in Western Europe or the United States.

If traveling throughout the country for an extended period, please check the CDC website (www.cdc.gov/travel) for immunization recommendations and obtain immunizations before traveling to Kyrgyzstan. People are advised to bring their own medical supplies and medications for any chronic illness, minor illnesses and injuries. Kyrgyzstan is considered a tuberculosis endemic area and an appropriate test for exposure to tuberculosis should be obtained upon returning to the U.S.

For major illness or injuries, the normal practice is to get emergency treatment at local facilities and to arrange for medical evacuation as soon as possible. Adequate medical evacuation insurance coverage for all travelers is a high priority. In the event of a serious medical condition every effort should be made to evacuate to Istanbul or Western Europe. Please be advised that without adequate evacuation insurance, the cost of a medical evacuation to Istanbul or Western Europe can easily exceed $60,000 USD and may take 24 to 48 hours to arrange.

The U.S. Embassy maintains the following list of clinics and hospitals in Bishkek. Some are private clinics and others are part of the National Health System. All will require a cash payment for care rendered (usually in local currency).

The U.S. Embassy assumes no responsibility for the professional ability or reputation of the persons or medical facilities whose names appear on this list.


Municipal Bishkek City Ambulance: Dial 103

Commercial Ambulance Services

  1. AVICENNA-MEDICAL: dial 1250 or +996 312 630100, +996 551 911900, +996 509 911900.
  2. AL-SHIFA: dial 1430 or +996 312 577115, +996 703 577115, +996 502 101430
  3. OVIS-MED: dial 1390, 1399 or +996 312 548666, +996 549999, +996 554 548666

Generally, the ambulances in Kyrgyzstan are not equipped with emergency medical supplies like medications or oxygen. The ambulance companies are staffed by physicians who will answer an emergency call and then recommend triage and transport to the appropriate hospital. Neither the dispatch operators nor ambulance staff typically speak English. The wait time for an ambulance can be up to one hour.


Bicard cardio-surgical private hospital
Address: 2/1 Tynystanov street
Receptionist: +996 312 979688, +996 312 880688, +996 770 002724
The hospital provides services for patients with cardio-vascular diseases including acute care (heart attacks).
POC is Damirbek Osmonov, chief. He speaks English. Tel: +996 772 931606


City Trauma Unit
Address: 41 Manas (intersection Toktogul/Manas)
Reception tel: +996 312 318922
Provides 24-hour first aid for minor traumas. No inpatient facilities.


Eldik Family Medicine Center
Address: 2/1 Molodaya Gvardiya blvd.
Tel: +996 312 652079, mobile +996 776 652079
website: www.eldikfmc.com
This is a private clinic. Expatriate general practitioner provides consultations; English is spoken.


Infectious Disease Hospital
Address: 70, Tolstoy street
Receptionist: +996 312 590154
Intensive Care Unit tel: +996 312 592303
This hospital accepts patients with infectious conditions. This hospital accepts patients with fevers, whereas other hospitals usually do not accept a patient with a fever. There is a limited ICU. For foreigners a private room on a regular ward is provided. There is a laboratory that can do cultures.
POC is Guljigit Kengekaraevich Aliev, chief of the hospital. Tel: +996 312 590053, +996 312 590121


“Kamek” Private Surgical Clinic
Surgical department
Address: 225, Moskovskaya street. Tel. +996 312 640055
POC is Erkin Mamatov, chief, surgeon.


NeoMed. A Private Diagnostic and Consultative Medical Clinic
Address: 46 Orozbekova St.
Tel: +996 312 906090, +996 772 906090, +996 555 906090
This is a general clinic with several specialists. It has a spiral CT scanner, a digital X ray machine, and modern ultrasound machines with good diagnostic capabilities. Provider Janna Savchenko – internal medicine/cardiologist – speaks English.


National Center of Traumatology and Orthopedics.
Address: 206, Krivonosova Street
Admitting department: Tel: +996 312 211778
This is a National Center with clinics and hospital wards. It has an emergency department, accepts all types of trauma patients including burns. It also has a ward for detox from drugs and alcohol.
POC is Sabirbek Artisbekovich Jumabekov, professor, director. Tel: +996 312 211669
Almazbek Anarbekovich Kubatbekov, clinical chief. Tel: +996 312 211730, +996 557 507507


National Center of Cardiology and Internal Medicine
Address: 3, Togolok Moldo street.
Receptionist: +996 312 622764
Coronary Care Unit tel: +996 312 625675
This Center has an ICU and is able to care for patients having heart attacks and other cardiology problems. It has a 24-hour Emergency entrance with a physician on duty. Duty tel: +996 312 62 56 82
POC is Medet Beishenkulov, chief of CCU. +996 312 624206
The Center has multi slice CT scanner. Tel: +996 312 625689, +996 557 504060


National Hospital
Address: 1 Togolok Moldo St. (Intersection of Togolok Moldo and Moskovskaya St.)
Central Admitting department tel: +996 312 620987
Neurotrauma admitting department tel: +996 312 620964
Angio neurology tel: +996 312 666403
Cosmetic surgery department tel: +996 312 660619
Eye department #1 tel: +996 312 663256
Eye department #2 tel: +996 312 621019
This is a very large compound that houses different medical specialties. There are many buildings. When sending people to this center for any emergency one must ask where the correct building is for the specific problem. There is a place for Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat emergencies with 24-hour Emergency services. There is an Angio Neurology Center which is for strokes or aneurysm. There is a Neuro Trauma unit for severe head injuries. This hospital also has a good micro vascular department for nerve or tendon injuries in hands or lower extremities. The local ambulance will know where to take people in this compound. This is not a center to send someone unescorted if they do not speak Russian. They need to have a local person to translate or use the local ambulance.
POC is Maanaev Toktobay Israilovich, chief. Office tel: +996 312 621014, +996 312 661008.


Pediatric Emergency Hospital.
Address. 8a, Baitik Baatyr street.
Reception tel: +996 312 544655, +996312 544650
This is a pediatric general hospital in the city and accepts all types of pediatric emergencies.
POC is Mamanov Akylbek Semeteevich, professor, chief. Office: +996 312 562326, +996 312 544642


Private Eye microsurgery hospital named after Ismankulov
Address: 5 Baytik Baatyr St.
Tel: +996 312 510251, +996 312 510781, +996 312 510782, +996 558 399999
This is a private eye clinic and hospital with ophthalmologists. Eye exams can be done here.
POC is Almazbek Ismankulov, professor, chief


Alef Dental Clinic
(specializing in children’s dental care)
Address: 40, Ibraimov street
Tel. +996 312 389600, +996 312 389100, +996 555 389600
This clinic has dentists, an orthodontist who specializes in children’s care, and anesthesiologists available for children. English speakers available.

Address: microdistrict 3, Surkulova St. 14/2
Tel: +996 908 000, +996 555 844448

They provide a full range of services, and meet excellent quality standards in infection control, materials, and technique. English speakers available.

Kairos Dental Clinic
Address: Ryskulov St 10 Tel: +996 312 612302, +996 312 612303, +996 556 140140
This is a modern dental clinic. Dentists speak some English and the receptionist speaks English. There is a panoramic dental x-ray machine here. An orthodontist is available.
POCs are Bakhtigul Alibaeva and Aibek Moon.


Please be advised that medications purchased in the pharmacy may not be of the same quality as those obtained in the United States. The brand name of the drug you request may not be the same as the brand available. Look for the formula name on your prescription if you are searching for a replacement locally. Please be aware that the pharmaceuticals come from a variety of countries including but not limited to China, Russia, the United States, and the European Union.

Please note that some medications that are legal in the United States may be included in the list of medication banned for import and usage in Kyrgyzstan.  These medications may be considered narcotics or psychotropic substances. The list of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, and precursors that are subject to control in the Kyrgyz Republic can be viewed here: http://cbd.minjust.gov.kg/act/view/ru-ru/58704

The document is in Russian language, but the name of substances is duplicated in English.

Neman Pharmacy
Information Desk: +996 312 597211/882214/883552, +996 701 711751, +996 555 886677, +996 554 472048

Central Pharmacy
Address: 127 Abdrakhmanov (former Sovetskaya) st. crosses Moskovskaya st.
Tel: +996 312 901011/665500, +996 776 665500

Address: 95 A Kievskaya St.
Tel: +996 312 621462, +996 550 369607

LABS / Private Labs in Bishkek


Information Desk: +996 222 737737, +996 709 737737, +996 552 737737.
The laboratory is operating 24/7 and located at the 1st floor of Manas International Airport. COVID-19 PCR test results will be ready 1.5-2 hours from the moment of collection.

AQUA lab
Information Desk: +996 312 986600, +996 559 986600, +996 770 986600
This lab has many branches in different parts of Bishkek and has the capability to do cultures. COVID-19 PCR testing available.

Bonetsky Laboratory
Information Desk: +996 312 320303, +996 502 320303, +996 555 320303
This lab has many branches in different parts of Bishkek and has the capability to do cultures. COVID-19 PCR testing available.

Human Laboratory
Address: 21/2 Logvinenko
Reception: +996 312 620102, +996 558 551580
Stand-alone private clinics. These diagnostic facilities don’t provide transportation for patients. Transportation can be arranged by ambulances.

SISTEM Diagnostic Center
57 Unusalieva St. (cross Skryabina St.)
Tel: +996 312 903433, +996 702 903433, +996 552 903433
This Center provides following scans: CT, X-ray, densitometry and electrocardiogram.

142 Panfilov St. (cross Bokonbaeva St.)
Tel +996 312 667076, +996 708 667076, +996 555 667076
This is a private freestanding center with a spiral CT machine
POC is Kenig Roman

URFA Diagnostic Center
135 Toktogul St.
Information Desk:  +996 312 665561, +996 772 001215б +996 990 001215, +996 705 001215
This is a private freestanding center with MRI machines, CT machines (64 slice and spiral types), and digital X-ray machines operating 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. There are wheelchairs and stretchers available.

Vein care Center
136 Moskovskaya St.
Tel: +996 312 300303, +996 556 870303, +996 706 870303
This is a private center with an ultrasound machine for outpatient use. This place can be used for vascular diagnostics and surgery.
POC is Dmitrii Alekseev, chief.