Kyrgyz-American Hip-Hop Fest 2015

The Kyrgyz-American Hip-Hop Fest 2015 will take place May 28 to June 5 in five cities in Kyrgyzstan – Bishkek, Talas, Jalal-Abad, Kyzyl-Kija, and Osh. Artists from the United States will conduct workshops and classes for youth in hip hop dance, music, and graffiti art. They will also take part in festival events with Kyrgyzstani hip hop artists. The events will be organized by the U.S. Embassy and public association ALUA.

The Kyrgyz-American Hip-Hop Fest 2015 will be held in Bishkek on May 30 in Oak Park near the Kurmanjan Datka monument, beginning at 12:00 p.m., followed by festivals in Talas on June 1, in Jalal-Abad on June 3, in Kyzyl-Kija on June 4, and in Osh on June 5.  Hip-hop dancers, DJs and MCs will give fiery performances for all dance lovers, and some of the top graffiti artists from the United States and Kyrgyzstan will showcase their work.

Hip-hop is an expression of energy, passion and positivity. It is not just a genre, but a whole culture with its own style, fashion, and music devoted to love, peace, unity, and fun. Hip-hop culture unites millions of people around the world. It creates a common space for communication, and youth development for people from all walks of life.

If you are passionate about dance and cannot imagine life without music and movement, or if you love art, then please join us at one of these events and in social networks on Facebook, Twitter, VK, Instagram, Namba, Diesel, YouTube, and Blive to subscribe to our newsfeed and participate in discussions (#HipHopUSKG).

Representatives of the media interested in covering the festival events are welcome to contact project coordinator Olga Churakova: +996 (312) 47-47-98, (0555) 98-80-98.

Attachments: (1) Festival schedule; (2) Festival poster; (3) Information about the guest artists.