JashtarCamp 2015: Promoting Youth Engagement the Tourism Industry

Participants of the upcoming JashtarCamp 2015 for youth will learn about employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in the tourism industry in Kyrgyzstan. During the event, prominent tourism professionals will share their experience in starting tourism businesses and conduct tours around Bishkek, Osh and Karakol to demonstrate ways to develop interesting and engaging tours.  These events are supported by the USAID Business Growth Initiative to promote youth engagement in tourism.

This year, the conference will highlight four themes:

  • Success stories
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Civic engagement
  • Regional development

Guest speakers, including Vlad Ushakov, Director of the Journalists Union; Jenny Jenish-kyzy, Founder of the Unity Fund; Gulayim Ayilchieva, blogger and entrepreneur; Ainura Saparbaeva, owner of Yurt Camp; and many other outstanding leaders will give motivational presentations.

According to tourism trainer Lada Hasanova, tourism is a sector with strong growth potential and a promising future, and a lot depends on young people. Professionals working in tourism must have solid knowledge of economics, law, and history.  “If tourism becomes a basis for development of the country, then every resident of the country will be involved in development of the sector, regardless of their work background,” said Hasanova.

JashtarCamp 2015 is one of the largest annual youth conferences in Central Asia that promotes youth civic activism.  Youth discuss challenges and opportunities, exchange experience, and learn from each other as well as successful professionals. The event will take place November 14-15 in Bishkek and all seven oblasts. The format is innovative, flexible, and driven by youth to encourage dynamic interaction and creativity.  In the past five years, more than 10,000 young people have participated in these camps.

USAID Business Growth Initiative is a four-year, multi-faceted project that builds and strengthens the competitiveness of Kyrgyz firms and value chains to promote business growth, job creation and economic development.