Democracy Commission

The Public Affairs Section (PAS) of U.S. Embassy Bishkek administers the Democracy Commission Small Grants Program, which gives small grants to non-governmental organizations, academic or research institutions, and other organizations. The Democracy Commission was established in 1994 to enable U.S. Embassy Bishkek to support non-commercial projects to advance democracy and democratic values in Kyrgyzstan, to support development of the civil society based on rule of law, and respect for human rights. The Democracy Commission will award grants on a competitive basis, pending on the availability of funds.

Call for Grant Proposals

U.S. Embassy Bishkek announces the 2019 Spring Round of the Democracy Commission Small Grants Program. Complete applications must be received by May 13, 2019. This program supports the development of Kyrgyzstan’s democratic institutions and civil society by competitively awarding small grants to Kyrgyz nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and associations, nonprofit civil society organizations (CSOs), and independent local media organizations. State bodies are encouraged to work with NGOs to submit applications. The maximum grant award is $50,000 with the average grant at $25,000 or less.

Priority themes:

• economic empowerment and entrepreneurship, particularly for women, youth and vulnerable population to advance economic independence and sustainable development. (commercial activity or specific businesses/startups will not be considered)
• free flow of information, development of independent and professional journalism
• government transparency, citizen understanding of public finance and decision making
• countering violent extremism through promoting peace and tolerance, creating alternative socio-economic opportunities for groups at risk, and working with media and social media to promote peaceful discourse

Other possible themes:

• promotion of a robust civil society that advances the civil rights of all population segments
• strengthening social partnership and dialogue among government and civil society organizations
• promoting rule of law and legal reform
• inter-faith and inter-ethnic dialogue; religious freedom (religious activities which advance or inhibit one religion over another, or one interpretation of a religion over another will not be considered).
• combatting human trafficking
• promoting environmental awareness by creating citizen understanding of sustainable manage of ecosystems and natural resources

A complete application consists of:

– Application form ( English and Russian or Kyrgyz)
– Budget proposal (English and Russian or Kyrgyz)
– Logical Framework (English and Russian or Kyrgyz)
– Copy of NGO registration

Applications submitted after the due date, that are incomplete, do not follow the application format or are not submitted on the template provided, will be disqualified. Please send complete application packages to with the subject line “Democracy Commission Proposal”.

Please note, the application form is updated and available with complete instructions at the Embassy’s Democracy Commission page For more information please contact the Democracy Commission Team at the U.S. Embassy in Bishkek by email at