American Corners

The “American Corners” Program was launched in Kyrgyzstan in 2003 as a partnership between the U.S. Embassy Bishkek and local institutions. An American Corner is an information resource center modeled in the American style with the purpose of providing comprehensive and up-to-date information about the United States, and thus promoting mutual understanding between the American and Kyrgyz people.

American Information Resources Center “America Borboru” in Bishkek is a flagship of “American Corners” program in Kyrgyzstan. The center has become the most successful public diplomacy platform in the country, serving more than 80,000 visitors per year. The center holds regular programs (talking clubs, movie screenings, etc.), cultural programs (performances, book launches, master classes, etc.) and programs by the U.S. Fulbright students and the Peace Corps Volunteers.

Today there are 7 American Corners in Kyrgyzstan serving the populations of Bishkek, Jalalabad, Osh, Talas, Kant, Karakol and Naryn. Each center is equipped with public access computers with Internet connection, audio and video equipment, copy machine, and satellite TV. Corners’ libraries include reference materials, books, English language resources, CD, videotapes and DVDs. American Corners are open to every citizen who is interested in learning more about the USA.

Contact information:

American Resource Center “America Borboru”
Bayalinov Children’s Library
242 Ogonbaev St., Bishkek
Tel: +996 (312) 66-12-10

Batken American Resource Center
Batken State University
21 Zhusupov Street, Batken
Tel: +996 (3622) 5-03-26

Jalalabad American Corner
Jalalabad State University
57 Lenin Str., Jalal-Abad
Tel: +996 (3722) 2-18-63

Kant American Corner
Chui Oblast Library
5 Malikova Str., Kant
Tel: +996 (3132) 5-08-52, 5-09-22

Karakol American Corner
Issyk-Kul Oblast library
35 Koenkozova Str., Karakol
Tel: +996 (3922) 5-15-96, 2-07-61

Osh American Corner
Osh Oblast library
271 Kurmanjan Datka Str., Osh
Tel: +996 (3132) 5-60-15

Naryn American Corner
Naryn Oblast Library
33 Lenin Street, Naryn
Tel: +996 (3522) 5 18-83

Talas American Corner
Talas State University, Department of Humanities
192 Chyngyz Aitmatov Str, Talas
Tel: +996 (3422) 5-20-68, 5-20-69