COVID-19 Kyrgyzstan Update

COVID-19 Kyrgyzstan Update June 26

COVID 19 infection numbers continue to rise in Kyrgyzstan.  The government reports 250 new infections today.  To date, Kyrgyzstan reports 4,204 COVID-19 infections.  43 people have died and 2,162 have recovered.

Government Actions

The government has announced that it is not yet necessary to return to a State of Emergency.  However, public transportation and taxi service in Bishkek will be suspended on weekends starting June 27.  Inter-region public transportation is also suspended.  Additional controls will be put on bazaars and shopping centers, and all citizens should be wearing masks and observing social distancing. 

Commercial Air Service Remains Suspended

Despite earlier reports, at this time regular commercial flights are not allowed by the Republican Headquarters due to the lack of resources to host and quarantine incoming passengers.  Mid- to late-July now appears to be the soonest date that commercial flights might resume.  Please monitor the individual airlines websites or contact the airlines directly for any questions about ticket availability.  

Borders Closures and Quarantines

The Government of the Kyrgyz Republic has announced that while the general ban on the entry of foreigners remains in place, foreign citizens who are the spouse, parent, or child of a Kyrgyz citizen may be permitted entry.  However, the government has made no announcements yet about re-opening airports or borders or resumption of commercial flights.  U.S. citizens who remain in Kyrgyzstan should prepare to shelter in place until normal commercial flight routes resume.   At this time, all travelers who enter Kyrgyzstan must undergo mandatory COVID-19 testing and may be quarantined up to 14 days in a government facility.

Medical Resources

The Republican Headquarters and the Ministry of Health have established a 24/7 hotline to provide consultations and arrange testing for those who are experiencing COVID-19-like symptoms.  Dial 118 to reach the hotline.  Besides testing done by the Ministry of Health, one private clinic has been licensed by the government to provide COVID-19 testing:

Bonetsky Laboratory, 20 Prospect Mira, Bishkek; Reception: (312) 316074, 316333

American Citizens should continue to shelter in place as much as possible and to wear masks whenever in public.  Medical-grade masks can be found for purchase in some supermarkets, and at least one local company may be able to supply masks by delivery [Nature Republic N95 masks +996 551 105 105 (WhatsApp)].

Actions to Take:


·   U.S. Embassy Bishkek 

·   171 Prospect Mira
Bishkek 720016
Kyrgyz Republic
Telephone: +(996)(312) 597-000
Emergency After-Hours Telephone: +(996)(312) 597-733
Fax: +(996)(312) 597-744