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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation # 19KG1024Q0011 – Travel Management Services for U.S. Embassy Bishkek
February 5, 2024

US Embassy Bishkek

171, Prospect Mira

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 720016

                    SUBJECT: Combined Synopsis/Solicitation # 19KG1024Q0011 – Travel Management Services for U.S. Embassy Bishkek

The U.S. Embassy Bishkek has a requirement for a firm to provide corporate travel services (domestic and international). The period of performance is one (1) year, with possibility of two (2) one-year extensions.

All firms that respond to the solicitation must be technically qualified and financially responsible to perform the work.  At a minimum, each offeror must meet the following requirements when submitting their proposal:

  • Be able to understand written and spoken English;
  • Be able to provide onsite personnel that can speak, understand, and write English, Kyrgyz, and Russian;
  • Have an established business with a permanent address and telephone listing;
  • Have the necessary personnel, equipment, and financial resources available to perform onsite work;
  • Have all licenses and permits required by local law;
  • Meet all local insurance requirements;
  • Have no adverse criminal record;
  • Have no political or business affiliation which could be considered contrary to the interests of the United States;
  • Have good experience and past performance in Kyrgyzstan.

The Embassy intends to conduct a pre-quotation conference at the site. The pre-proposal conference will be held on February 13, 2024, at 14:00 (local time) at the U.S. Embassy Bishkek. Prospective offerors/quoters should send their names to BishkekGSOProcurement@state.gov for conference registration by 10:00 (local time) February 9, 2024. No one will be allowed to enter the premises without prior notification.

Questions are due by February 16, 2024, 17:00 GMT+6. No questions will be accepted after this time. Questions must be in English.

Quotations are due by March 5, 2024, 17:00 GMT +6. No quotations will be accepted after this time. Proposals must be in English and incomplete proposals will not be accepted. Your quotation must be submitted electronically to BishkekGSOBid@state.gov.

Note: Interested firms must be registered in the System for Award Management (“SAM”) to be eligible for obtaining contract. SAM registration guidance document is attached to this advertisement.

Contracting Officer

US Embassy Bishkek