Best Healthcare Facilities Receive Equipment from USAID to Fight Tuberculosis

On April 1, 2015, the National Tuberculosis Partners of the Kyrgyz Republic organized a conference at City Hotel to discuss the results of Tuberculosis (TB) Awareness Month and to celebrate the work of the staff of TB care facilities.  Bishkek’s top TB experts received awards, and the best primary healthcare organizations of Bishkek received $200,000 worth of medical supplies and food products provided by the USAID Defeat TB Project and Resource and Policy Exchange.  Representatives of the Bishkek mayor’s office, the city health department, family medicine centers, the National Center of Phthisiology, TB treatment facilities, and international organizations attended the conference.

Event participants discussed the latest recommendations of the World Health Organization on TB diagnosis and treatment and the achievements of the National TB Program.

The USAID Defeat TB Project was launched in November 2014 to reduce the spread of regular and drug-resistant tuberculosis. The project also supports equitable access to quality TB services for the citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic.  To learn more about the USAID Defeat TB program visit: