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Annual Public Diplomacy Grant Program


The U.S. Embassy Bishkek Public Diplomacy Section (PDS) of the U.S. Department of State is pleased to announce funding is available through the Embassy’s Public Diplomacy Small Grants Program. Based on funding availability, projects awarded under this program will support U.S. foreign policy goals in the Kyrgyz Republic in the areas of combating transnational threats, promoting sustainable economic growth, and accountable governance and stability in the Kyrgyz Republic.


Purpose of Public Diplomacy Grants: The PDS invites proposals for programs that strengthen ties between the United States and the Kyrgyz Republic and support a priority program area (see below) in order to highlight shared values and promote bilateral cooperation. All proposed programs must include an American element, either through a connection with American expert/s, organization/s, or institution/s, usage of American educational/informational resources, or any other activities that promote or contribute to increased mutual understanding between the people of the United States and people of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Competitive proposals will promote continued/sustainable cooperation between the people of the United States and the Kyrgyz Republic even after the project concludes.

Special consideration will be given to proposals which include partnership with Kyrgyz governmental bodies, and to organizations that have a demonstrated track record of implementing these types of partnerships.

Program Areas

PDS invites proposals for programs that support one of the following U.S. Embassy priority program areas:

Sustainable Economic Growth 

Proposals should promote an inclusive creative economy built upon regional connectivity, enhanced human capital, clean energy, and sustainable development.

Accountable Governance and Stability

Proposals should advance a more transparent, accountable, inclusive and democratic system of governance in the Kyrgyz Republic.

English Language Programming

Proposals should improve English language instruction, spoken language production, and written and oral comprehension in the Kyrgyz Republic, especially for those in the regions outside of the capital and residents of the “novostroika” marginalized communities of Bishkek.

Climate Change Resilience and Environmental Protection

Proposals should engage government, industry, business and/or local communities in developing strategies for mitigation of the effects of climate change, adaptation measures, and in implementing locally driven projects which protect the environment and save resources.

Combating Transnational Threats

Proposals should strengthen regional security and stability and combat transnational threats through engagement with diverse, targeted stakeholders on key issues like violent extremism, human trafficking, and emergency preparedness

Additional Information

For more info, please click on the full  Annual Program Statement 

Please note that the Public Diplomacy Section only accepts Statements of Interest at this stage. Statements of Interest will be accepted via email to BishkekProjectProposals@state.gov on a rolling basis until August 17, 2024 at 11:59 PM Bishkek time.

The subject line should include “#2024 Bishkek APS” in order to ensure proper review. U.S. Embassy Bishkek will consider all Statements of Interest and invite shortlisted projects to submit a full grant application.