19KG1019Q0008 – Embassy Website Advertisement/HVAC Filters

“Dear Prospective Quoter:

The American Embassy Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, has a requirement for a contractor to provide HVAC filters. You are invited to submit a quotation.  The Request for Quotations (RFQ) consists of the following sections:

  1. Standard Form SF-18
  2. Clauses

The Embassy plans to award a purchase order.  You are encouraged to make your quotation competitive.  You are also cautioned against any collusion with other potential offerors with regard to price quotations to be submitted.  The RFQ does not commit the American Embassy to make any award.  The Embassy may cancel this RFQ or any part of it.

Please read the RFQ carefully, and if you are interested, submit your quotation. Return the completed SF-18 to the email address shown in Block 10 of the SF-18 by September 19, 2019. Oral quotations will not be accepted. Late quotations shall be handled in accordance with FAR. The award will be made to the lowest price and technically acceptable offer.

Attachment: Solicitation # 19KG1019Q0008” (PDF 289 KB)

Attachment: Solicitation # Amendment 19KG1019Q0008” (PDF 238 KB)